UKULELE LESSONS. Service Options. Home. REGISTER. In-home lessons are the most convenient way to take music lessons. You can take lessons in a one-on-one setting with your teacher or you can set up group lessons with friends or family members. We offer discounts for group lessons and parents learn with their children for free.Ukulele Lessons Hastings The Indytute caters for the “if I just had one lesson, I’d be loads better at.” mentality and the inherent impatience of time-poor Londoners. Learn to master the ukulele. and Farsi are available in.

Havelock School Newsletter V153 N4 27 March 2013. a little gift for a special occasion again thanks to jeanette for her efforts in making this book fair such a success ukulele lessons we need a minimum of ten people for a group lesson possible lesson times are thursdays at lunchtime please.